Eradicating Bible poverty and Bible ignorance
Author: From the Third Lausanne Congress on World Evangelization, October 2010

The Lausanne Movement has published the second part of the Cape Town Commitment, 'A Call to Action'. It includes a section on eradicating Bible poverty and Bible ignorance, calling for Bible translation, Bible teaching and Bible literacy:

"C) Aim to eradicate Bible poverty in the world, for the Bible remains indispensable for evangelism. To do this we must:

  1. Hasten the translation of the Bible into the languages of peoples who do not yet have any portion of God’s Word in their mother tongue;
  2. Make the message of the Bible widely available by oral means...

D) Aim to eradicate Bible ignorance in the Church, for the Bible remains indispensable for discipling believers into the likeness of Christ.

  1. We long to see a fresh conviction, gripping all God’s Church, of the central necessity of Bible teaching for the Church’s growth in ministry, unity and maturity...
  2. We must promote Bible literacy among the generation that now relates primarily to digital communication rather than books, by encouraging digital methods of studying the scriptures inductively with the depth of inquiry that at present requires paper, pens and pencils."

For the full text of the Cape Town Commitment, go to the Lausanne web site: