A Bible Engagement Tool designed to assist people to grasp the big picture of Scripture; the story of the King and His Kingdom, and their place in it!
Author: Clayton Fergie (Scripture Union International)

"The pattern of a fundamentally fragmented and disconnected understanding of Scripture still remains a major issue for those within Christendom, in both the majority and minority world."

Timelining Scripture is an innovative, yet simple Bible engagement tool that helps people to grasp Scripture as the single great coherent story of God’s purposes for the world. It reinforces a strong notion of the Kingdom of God and is particularly useful for helping people to find themselves, their community and their cultural context as actors within the biblical story. It is adaptable across age and cultural contexts and is highly visual, interactive and flexible.

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 Ellen Errington  |    Mon 18 Oct 2010, 15:14

Thank you for an interesting presentation - putting Biblical stories into the larger context.
I'm not an anthropologist, but I am aware that certain cultures see time not so much as linear but as circular - like a cork screw. You alude to this also, when you note recurring themes. One way that the Bible could be seen as circular is through the covenant relationships - first Adam, then Abraham, then Jesus.
Just a thought.