A Beginner's Guide to Audacity (Third Edition)
Author: Richard Margetts

Updated for Audacity 2.0 (July 2012).

Are you looking to record audio Scripture, radio programmes, Scripture-based songs, Bible study discussions or publicity for Scripture products? One of the most popular programs for recording audio on your computer is Audacity. It is free to download and use, and its user interface is available in several major languages.

This Audacity manual (a downloadable PDF document) is designed for beginners and can be used individually or in training workshops. It will show you how to:

  • install Audacity on your computer, connect a microphone and begin recording;
  • edit audio tracks, cut out errors, change the volume of selected sections;
  • export audio to WAV and MP3 formats;
  • mix audio tracks together, add background music;
  • apply advanced effects like noise reduction.

An expanded French version, Comment enregistrer à l’ordinateur is also available.

Resources to download:
 Wayne Dye  |    Sat 24 Dec 2011, 16:44

Hearty thanks to scripture-engagement webmaster Richard Margetts for this much-needed and helpful manual. It covers not only how to record, including equipment needed, but also the whole process of editing with Audacity. It is clear and well illustrated, including tips to help beginners through the little steps that often trip them up. My students will love it.

My dream is that every Bible translator, every scripture engagement worker, indeed every holistic development worker will become as proficient with audio recording and editing as they are now with Microsoft Word. With cell phones rapidly becoming part of the life of every person, audio files will increasingly be the way to teach. This manual and the free Audacity software provide a good start.