Published by: International Mission Board

The next wave of missions advance: Illiterates, functionally illiterates, semi-literates, storying cultures and many others who simply prefer a nonliterate approach can receive God’s Word.

This 7 module audio series on Chronological Storying will prepare you to reach those who prefer a non-literate approach.

Module 1: Making Disciples of Primary Oral Learners
Module 2: Choosing to Follow Jesus
Module 3: Living in the Family of Jesus
Module 4: Becoming Like Jesus
Module 5: Serving Like Jesus
Module 6: Multiplying Spiritual Disciples and Leaders
Module 7: On Mission with God

A world class team of eight specialists in comunicating Biblical truth to primary oral learners has joined with host Dr. Avery Willis to produce this audio series.

It is available to download from the IMB Orality website.