Author: Harriet Hill

"Are you stuck along the way of engaging with the Bible? If so, where? Why? If you're involved in ministry, are the people you work with stuck? If so, where? Why?"

Scripture Engagement can be seen as a process: Bible Availability, Bible Awareness, Bible Use, Bible Understanding, Bible Engagement. The process can be arrested at any step along the way.

This article presents some of the key challenges for ongoing discussion. Give your feedback in the comments here or in the Lausanne Global Conversation.

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 Nancy Schaefer  |    Fri 30 Apr 2010, 14:43

In the process of producing 3 sold out and well used New Testaments, we learned that we could pursue all the other stages you list during the first stage by printing and distributing cheap tract-type scripture portions. Plus we received very valuable feed-back which ultimately contributes to whole NTs being eagerly anticipated, bought, and used.

We had become most proficient at this by the time we got into our third New Testament and it was very exciting to see how far these little portions could go. We had the experience of going villages for the first time and finding people reading an epistle or portion with what must have been the something like it's original impact.

We also have to say that we feel that getting scripture out and getting feedback on places that were not clear or where the translation could have been improved for naturalness or readability, has been invaluable. The successes of the resulting published NTs were a result of that.