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Research conducted among US adults
Author: Barna Group
Published by: American Bible Society (2014)

The American Bible Society and Barna Group have published their annual research on the State of the Bible, "a comprehensive study of Americans' attitudes and behaviors toward the Bible".

For 2014, they identify six trends:

  1. Bible skepticism is now “tied" with Bible engagement. Skepticism or agnosticism about the Bible has increased and now stands at 19%, the same as the percentage of those who are Bible engaged (who read the Bible at least four times a week and believe it is the actual or inspired Word of God).
  2. Despite the declines, most Americans continue to be "pro-Bible." But "being pro-Bible doesn't necessarily mean Americans use the Bible regularly, however. Only 37% of Americans report reading the Bible once a week or more."
  3. Distraction and busyness continue to squeeze out the Bible. "Americans say they want to read the Bible — 62% wish they read Scripture more — they just don't know how to make time."
  4. The age of screens has come to stay in the Bible market. "In just a handful of years, use of tablets and smartphones for Bible searches has skyrocketed, from 18% in 2011 to 35% in 2014. That said, a strong majority still prefer to read the Bible in print (84%); the same holds true even among Millennials (81%)."
  5. Increasingly, people come to the Bible for answers or comfort. Although most come to the Bible to connect with God, there is an increase in those looking for pragmatic answers to life's problems.
  6. People are less likely to link moral decline with a lack of Bible reading. People blame decline on other things (movies, music, TV, etc).

Download the full report and infographics from the American Bible Society website.  [more...]

A workshop in French for West and Central Africa
Monday 1 - Friday 5 September, 2014
Kara, Togo, West Africa
Sponsor: SIL

A successful Gospel and Culture conference was held under the auspices of FOBA Africa three years ago in Nairobi. The conference looked at rites of passage in Africa in the light of Scripture. The following year another workshop was organized to continue studying these matters, specifically looking at death and funerals. Since then, more workshops of this type have been held in Cameroon.

Now a Gospel and Culture Workshop in French is being organized for people working in west and central Africa. Here are the details:

Dates: September 1-5 2014, arrival on Sunday August 31st morning or Saturday 30th August to stay the night in Lomé. Travel to Kara from Lomé on Sunday 31st August.

Place: Kara training centre, Togo.

Participants: Specialists and consultants from the following domains: Scripture Engagement, Anthropology and Translation.

Main topic: This will be chosen beforehand by those who register, from a possible list including initiation rites, witchcraft, harvest ceremonies, etc.

Please write to Narcisse Sechegbe (narcisse_sechegbeatsil [dot] org) to register your interest.  [more...]

Un manuel d’utilisation pour l’éditeur audio numérique Audacity
Authors: Fina Linan, Richard Margetts

This is the updated and expanded 2014 French version of How to do recording on your computer, an in-depth beginner's manual for recording with Audacity.

Scripture engagement practitioners across the Francophone world are using Audacity to record Scripture portions, Bible stories, radio programmes and Scripture songs. This 140-page manual can be used as a self-teaching aid or as part of a training workshop.

It covers subjects such as the choice of recording equipment, recording and editing audio, mixing multiple tracks and reducing background noise. The French version has an extended appendix on troubleshooting sound recording and playback problems with different Windows operating systems.  [more...]